Science Topic: Eyjafjallajkull – Assignment Example

The volcanic eruptions of Iceland have specific qualities and characteristics that naturally occur with an eruption. The current volcanic eruption in Iceland, Eyjafjallajokull, is one that has specific qualities that are changing the atmosphere of the earth and the understanding of volcanic eruptions. This particular volcano is different than other eruptions because the ashes and the way that it erupted is moving into the air and is leading to delays with the jet stream and the flights that go over Iceland. Typically, volcanoes are defined as Hawaiian, Plinian, Surtseyan or Strombolian. However, this volcano erupted differently from the rest, leaving geologists at question over the changes in the atmosphere. The eruption began as Surtseyan, which formed several ashes. The current update; however, has moved to Strombolian, which is leading to more lava production, as opposed to ash and smoke. It is noted that this change is because of the current geological climate. For the volcano to be Strombolian, it has to take in a certain amount of water to form ashes, specifically which comes from glaciers. Over time, the volcano has used the glaciers surrounding the area. It is expected that the eruption will lead to new glacier formations that can be used or new craters that will produce magma to turn into ash.
At the current time, the ash from Eyjafjallajokull is expected to remain in the sky for several days. For this to be released a thunderstorm will need to move in or the current high pressure system will need to lower to disperse the cloud. The ash is now moving toward lower levels and will dissipate when a lower – pressure develops and pushes the ashes toward the Arctic. Rain would also help to wash out the ash in other areas and will move the ash to other areas in Europe. If the weather doesn’t change, then the volcanic eruption will continue for a period of days; however, it is not expected to continue exploding at the same amount and will eventually change in the type of ash that is produced. The particles now being produced are finer and are taken from the melting ice and magma of the volcano. The harder ash that may be produced won’t alter with added water and may last longer. Until the volcano slows down, the airlines will have to continue to change their flight routes, which has never happened before because of the current independency from flights.