Self Analysis For Reading Speech – Assignment Example

I feel that overall my speech went well. However, there were some things that I feel, had I added them to my speech, would have made it even better. Starting with a visual, I think if I had added a visual, such as a graph or a pie chart to illustrate some of the percentages that I talked about, it would have gotten my point across to the audience more effectively.
Moreover, I should have also added a personal story in the mix to make the speech a little less formal along with getting the audience to identify with me more. I think that inserting a personal story in a speech makes the audience realize that you associate yourself with them and takes away the feeling of being preached to, which can sometimes alienate the audience.
I did mention that reading could be fun and cool, however, perhaps I could have illustrated the point by mentioning some of the “cool” books around, like the graphic novels of Frank Miller some of which have also been adapted into full length films. Adding to this could be the point that there are so many books available that anyone, anywhere can find any book on any topic that s/he is interested in, and which s/he may find “cool” and “fun” to read.
I think these points would have added a bit more towards my speech being more effective and persuasive.