Sociology – Assignment Example

Illness-Related Behaviors The concept of Illness-related behaviors is generally derived from the sociological and socio-psychological theories. Some major illness-related behaviors include smoking, poor nutrition, excess of alcohol consumption, and poor fitness. Excess of alcohol consumption is one of the most critical health issues these days. Excessive alcohol consumption creates a lot of bad effects on social environment (John 2010). In Australian society, excess of alcohol consumption is an extremely topical subject for discussion. Some major issues associated with the discussion regarding excess of alcohol consumption include health risk, self-destruction, intoxication, and sexual dysfunction.
If we talk about level of alcohol consumption in the working class of Australia, we come to know that Australian working class consumes a high level of alcohol not only at work but also at home. In Australia, the most significant social factors which play a major role in excessive alcohol consumption by the working class include workplace culture, peer groups, and low class housing. Working class consumes a high quantity of alcohol because, in Australia, it is not considered unpleasant to take some alcohol after work. Workers usually take alcohol in order to relax themselves. Peer group is another social factor contributing to the excess of alcohol consumption by the working class. Workers like to enjoy their free time with their friends and colleagues by taking alcohol in the social gatherings. Another social factor is low class housing or poor financial status of workers. Swan (2010), in an article, found that alcohol can give immediate short-term relief from depression. Workers belonging to low class try to get an instant mental relief by taking alcohol. So, these were some social factors which significantly contribute to the excess of alcohol consumption by the Australian working class.
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