Story Response #4 – Assignment Example

Story Response Hi Andrea, The flow of story in this piece is very catchy as it ends in a happy ending. It is clear that the reader ended up with a smile on his or her face as the writer concluded the story. With a weak start, the story made a sudden climax to end in a melancholic tone.
Growing up as a sad person, the writer reflects about his past while in high school and right after it. He was constantly sad and depressed and never knew what the problem was. At school, he never had people who cared deeply for him and passed through the system with a lot of struggle. At some point, the writer pointed out that in the midst of the problems he encountered, he found comfort and love from Emily, a friend he had back then, but he later came to discover that they were not meant to be together.
Based on the story, one can basically realize that the writer is a loner and a desperate person trying to look for someone to love him. It is quite unlikely that the writer did not mention of having close friends apart from Emily that made him happy. In addition, the writer depicts characteristics of being an introvert, explaining the reason why he met his lover in Skype.
Amidst the boring story of constant depression in a teenager, the writer finally met the girl of his dreams.