Summarize The Story – Assignment Example

The Interpreter: Summary The book en d “The Interpreter” in has many The Motion Picture Story was written by Martin Stellman and Brian Ward, the Motion Picture Screenplay was written by Charles Randolph, Scott Frank and Steven Zaillan, and the Penguin Readers Simplified Text Level 3 version is retold by Karen Holmes. This means that the basic story has been changed a few times to fit different purposes. The cover shows a picture of Nicole Kidman who started in the motion picture and the main theme is about interpreting between two countries, as the title of the book suggests.
The main character is Silvia who works as an interpreter at the United Nations. One day she overhears a plot to kill Edmund Zwanie, who is an African leader in an imaginary state called Matobo. A man called Tobin works for the American government in law enforcement. Silvia is in danger because the men find out that she knows about the plot. A bomb kills an African man, and then eventually Silvia has the chance to kill Zuwanie herself. Tobin persuades her not to do it, and then Silvia decides to go back to Matobo where she grew up.
The themes of the book include questions about what to do with dangerous knowledge, for example whether to tell the authorities or not. There is also a theme about violence and terrorism, and a message that it is better to use political means through the United Nations rather than guns and killing. Both Tobin and Silvia lost their parents to violent deaths, and this brings them together, but really they are too different to be lovers.
One of the interesting ideas in the book was the idea that the interpreter has secret knowledge. This is a key part of the story but it may also have a deeper meaning. It may indicate that only people who can speak like the Americans and the Matobo people, using both languages, can really understand the similarities and differences between the two countries. This knowledge is a hard knowledge but in the end it can be used to move from violence to peace.
Homes, Karen, based on an original by Stellmann, Ward, Randolph, Frank and Zaillan. The Interpreter. Penguin Readers Level 3.