The International Charity Marketing Report – Assignment Example

The International Charity Marketing Report Introduction The issue related to the street kids is one of the poignant issues in the country of Vietnam as it has huge implications upon the society. In the large cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, often these children are observed to sale chewing gums and polish shoes along with serving in the restaurants. This has made many of the non – profit seeking organizations function in the country of Vietnam. These organizations run training as well as educational programs for these children (Footprint, 2007). The children graduating from such training schools receive required skill to work in the hospitality industry. Also, many of the private sector organizations not only from Vietnam but also from other nations have come up to the rescue of such children and this has been part of International Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR)
This report basically aims to highlight the problems of the street children in Vietnam and also it looks in to the existing research and studies on the ways, the non – profit organizations help the deprived children with the training and the educational programs.
Lots of improvement needs to be done in providing the street kids a better life. Though few of the non-profit organizations have been trying their best to make these kids self sufficient but the problem which really put such organizations in a back foot is the lack of funds. Thus, it is very much required by the organizations to collect funds so as to provide better facilities to such street children and educate them in a manner which would be beneficial for them in their future. The hospitality industry is booming which needs more personal skills than educational; therefore the organizations must try and influence such kids to be part of this booming industry by giving them basic training such as cooking and serving. Even the government should come up with certain laws which would secure the youth of such children. Development of the street children is a good cause so it is very much required by each and every individual to support such a cause and lend them their helping hand in any way possible. It is only through proper support and guidance that the world of these street kids can be changed for a better tomorrow.
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