The Return Of The Soldier – Assignment Example

West’s Female Characters, War and Feminism West’s feelings about the war during her time were exposed in newspaper articles written in that era, where she is said to detest violence and destruction of life, but ardently regard with high esteem those who bravely embraced the terror. The characters of West in her story had different perceptions of the war. Jenny, Chris’ cousin, had nightmares of Chris suffering in the war, portraying a picture of man’s bravery taken out of him. Kitty, the wife of Chris, perceived the male body as a symbolism of power with vigor, strength, competitiveness, and assertiveness buried inside it, and she identifies the battlefield as a regimen to improve a man’s skill and prepare him, as well as a place to mold manly characters into his being. Margaret, the love of Chris in his youth, was a character who understood the bondage of Chris in the war, and his need to be unjustly harsh in response to his participation in that war, and she also saw the consequences suffered by Chris as a result of the bloodshed.
Albeit the condition of Chris was caused by the war, the setting was only used to expose contemporary society. Through it, West was able to illustrate the hardships women encounter as an effect of war, and she was able to characterize the three females in her story with an intensified effect. West further argues through her novel that women should also exercise decision-making in a world dominated by men, not merely perform their responsibilities of attention, love, and maternal feelings as aid to the after-effect of war. The novel tackles more about the social classes in society, politics, and religion, back-dropped with a setting of war and emphasizing feminism.