The Ten Most Beautiful Scientific Experiments Ever – Assignment Example

The first experiment that shows a contribution to science is Rutherford’s discovery of the nucleus. The findings by Rutherford were important to understand because it provides an understanding of the organization of cells, living organisms, atoms and energy. More importantly, this particular experiment still holds true for newer science experiments because of the understanding of the organization of the nucleus and the surrounding electrons. The main experiment by Rutherford began with the use of radioactivity which was tested for different reactions. During this time, it was believed that energies with radioactivity consisted of blobs of energy and masses that were able to react. As the electrons moved, they were able to create a positive or negative force as a part of the reaction in radioactivity. Rutherford experimented on this by firing positively charged projectiles to see if a reaction would occur. If the radioactivity particles and atoms held true to the plum pudding model, then they would not have come back. However, the positive charges bounced back as a specific reaction. From the movement back, Rutherford was able to determine that there was a concentrated core, or nucleus that had electrons surrounding the area.
The second science experiment that is important to understand is Newton’s decomposition of sunlight with a prism. Before this experiment, it was hypothesized that the only true light was white or clear, while the other colors were altered. Newton decided to see how the colors were altered by testing a prism against the light. When he placed the white light against the prism it moved against the wall he found that the depths of the color changed and were not alterations of color, but only a depth of the white light. This contribution is significant in understanding scientific concepts of light and is used for specific experiments in geology, physics and other concepts related to light. At the same time, the concept of light and this scientific understanding has led into different developments with artistic materials and works.
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