Total Customer Experince – Assignment Example

Total Experience Since some decades, organizations have started recognizing the fact that it is not sufficient to simply offer the s their products; instead, it is becoming increasingly important to provide the customers with pleasant experiences. This enables the managers to increase their worth in the eyes of their customers. Hence, Total Customer Experience (TCE) has taken the managing experience in a totally new dimension. TCE management involves carrying out of such strategies that deal with predicting what the customer expects, how those expectations are going to be met and what will be his feedback after going through the whole experience. Thus, the organization and managers need to organize steps or clues that meet not only the physical expectations of customers but also their emotional requirements. Clues give off signals to the customers to attract them and the most important and difficult part of TCE management is to recognize and manage these clues. A clue is something that the customers can sense or see making them prefer one specific company physically and emotionally, for example the product, its wrapping, the seating arrangement, staff’s dressing, their language, and so on. These clues when combined define TCE, and are able to make the customers want to go through one specific experience over and over again, and this is what enables one company to succeed in competition with another.
Here is an example. A company prefers to know its customers by their names. Whenever the manager deals with a customer, the first thing he asks is his name and he addresses the customer using his name whenever he deals with him. This nurtures a fulfilling and rewarding interaction between the two parties which increases the clientele. This is just a small example of Total Customer Experience.