What Do You Learn In Legal Class – Assignment Example

Expected Learning Outcomes in a Legal Generally a Legal presents legal concepts to a group of people with the end of bringing it to the understanding of each and every member of the class. These legal concepts have as their fundamental basis, the laws, and its application, in judicial decision. This broad subject is narrowed down when it pertains to a specific field which in this case is business. Concentrating on this specific field of study, what is expected is the presentation of legal concepts embodied in the laws and applied in judicial decisions that has a direct relation, impact and relevance with business. This therefore includes the introduction and development of necessary skills. These skills include research and analysis in determining relevant laws to be applied to case examples having practical application and significance in business. Another skill that would be developed as a necessary consequence is legal reasoning. When law is in issue, what is moral becomes an issue also. Hence the study should include not only law but the ethical standards or regulations related to business. More specifically this includes both legal and ethical regulations as pertaining to the entire global business organization. This in a few words is the Legal Environment of A Business. All these skills and knowledge expected to be learned in a legal class should lay the foundations for specialized classes that delve deeper into the Legal Environment of Business and Business Ethics. Both subjects cover such a large scope that they should be treated separately in specialized classes. As a foundation for these subjects, this general introduction should expose the student to the legal environment of business including the three branches of government, administrative agencies, the actual laws on business and its courses of action in times of conflicts. Problems at the corporate level involving contracts and employment issues must also be presented. It should also expose the student to issues of moral and ethical standards relating to commercial activities. Of course the study will not be complete without updates on current business issues and legal proceedings.