Which Was A Stronger Force In New World Colonization, Economics Or Religion Support Your Answer – Assignment Example

The obvious reasons for the new world colonization were the economic reasons because the industrial pace and growth required new markets and colonieswhere the products can be sold and cheap raw materials can be sourced to fuel the economy. The societies or colonies which were captured were mostly those which could provide ready access to the raw materials as well as other food stuff and as such the era that started initially as a result of the European effort to colonize Americas was called era of Columbian Exchange.
The reasons as to why French attempted to colonize Americas especially the Canada was basically a drive for finding a market where fur can be traded. Canada was therefore one of the earliest trading hubs wherein new world colonization attempted to strengthened its roots.
Religion, though was important, however it was not the key force because new world colonization was a direct result of enlightenment movement in Europe which advocated a forward looking society with focus on future. As such it also advocated a complete rupture from the past including religion therefore the resulting industrial growth and colonization of the world was mostly a result of the urge to have colonies from where cheap raw materials can be sourced.
It is however, important to note that the in colonies which were captured by the European forces, religion were a dominant force in the society. However, the reasons for which new colonies were captured were mostly economic as European powers looked for new markets and cheap raw materials.