Why Is Earth Geologically Active – Assignment Example

AR Why is Earth Geologically Active Why is Earth geologically Active? For years the geography of earth has remained a mystery. Different theories have been given to prove the birth of Earth. All over this time it has been found that Earth is geologically active. Earth is presumed to be formed around 4.5 billion years ago and it is believed that at that time earth was nothing but just a mere structure formed of heat. Earth is composed of different layers beneath the crust which produce heat in such a way that the planet becomes geologically active. This essay would further describe as to why earth is geologically active.
Earth derives its energy from the sun and from its molten core. It is believed that earth was formed because of the changes in energy from different sources such as that of moon and fossil fuels. It is believed that earlier earth was in its molten stage because of which it formed an outer layer and an inner layer. Later on the surfaces of the earth cooled down to form land which later became known as continents. The geological activity of the earth is derived from its previous molten state and the present activities which are going on inside the crust of the earth. The stored heat of the earth from its birth is the major source of its geological activity whereas the remains of biological material further gives rise to fossil fuels inside the core of the earth. These fossil fuels produce energy in earth which causes heat to be generated and this heat is then used up in mantle convection. This mantle convection also helps the earth to lose its heat by volcanic activities.
Earth is a structure which is geologically active because of mantle convection and the heat produced internally by it.
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