Writer Choice – Assignment Example

Affiliation Cloud Computing Google is one of the companies that have invested in the cloud computing technology. The company currently has web applications that allow people to store their personal information on the cloud. Google has a calendar that organizes data such as pictures, videos, personal documents and also Gmail emails. The company is also expected to do as far cloud computing is concerned. The company is looking forward to be starting a project that let people store the contents of entire drives on the internet.
Amazon offers a simple storage service which provides developer and the IT group with durable, secure and large storage capacity. Amazon S3 is quite easy to use. It has very simple web interface services which enable one to store and get any amount of data from any location on the web. With the use of Amazon S3 one can be able to pay only for the storage you use. This technology provides a cost-effective object storage for a number of cloud applications, distribution of content, archiving and backup, disaster recovery and great data analytics
Oracle Company uses the technology of cloud to On-Premise using a mid-tier. The mid-tier allows a direct network connection to certain ports that are defined. It also uses the technology of Cloud to On-Premise utilizing a passive extract pumb.This is an approach that allows a connection to certain specific ports from a trusted on-premise environment.
Dell uses end-to-end cloud client computing technology which involves the use of optimized virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and other kinds of desktop virtualization. The dell virtualization software enables users to access corporate information and applications across a wide spectrum of uses cases
IBM has provided the MIoT Cloud Open platform for industiries.This is a platform that enables partners, clients, and IBM to use in the design and delivering vertical industry IoT solutions.IBM will come up with a service that is cloud-bases that will assist industries to extract insight from connected vehicles
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