15 Rules – Book Report/Review Example

15 Rules for negotiating a job offer The article describes the potential challenges and issues people usually face with during interviewing process and further employment, and provides some practical recommendations for everyone who strives to improve their negotiation skills and get a job of their dream. For negotiating a job offer, the author recommends following a set of strategies, tactics, and advices, which are embedded into 15 rules (Malthora, 3). The first rule suggests that the fact of whether your potential employer or interviewer likes you plays an important role in decision making process, and therefore, it is recommended to practice in increasing your likability skills. The second rule explains the importance of explaining to potential employer why you deserve what you are requesting (Malthora, 3). The third rule is about keeping a balance between describing your qualification, professional and demand, and making it clear that there is a chance/opportunity of getting you on the board (Malthora, 3). The fourth rule claims that you should understand the person who sits across the table, your interviewer (Malthora, 3). Further, the importance of understanding firms/organisation’s constraints is laid out in the rule #5. The sixth rule is about getting prepared to tough questions and being honest while answering those questions (Malthora, 4). The seventh rule suggests that a candidate should learn to focus not on the questions, but on the questioner’s intent (Malthora, 4). The eighth rule recommends considering the whole deal and is followed by a recommendation given in the rule # 9 – to negotiate multiple issues simultaneously and not to extend this process into several series (Malthora, 4). The tenth rule is about negotiating for the sake of big deal or issue than for the sake of the negotiating process itself (Malthora, 4). In the eleventh rule the author advises to consider timing of offers. The twelfth rule is to avoid, ignore and downplay ultimatums. The thirteenth rule explains the importance of being patient while waiting for a decision of your potential employer. The fourteenth rule is about “staying at the table” and looking for some other opportunities in the future. Finally, the author advises to maintain a sense of perspective in the fifteenth rule (Malthora, 5).
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