America's Energy Opportunity – Book Report/Review Example

Americas Energy Opportunity, How to Harness the New Sources of U.S. Power by Michael Levi Michael Levi’s Americas Energy Opportunity, How to Harness the New Sources of U.S. Power is an article about the use of conventional energy sources (oil & natural gas) vs. renewable ones. There is great development in the rise of renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal. Critics say that the new form of reviewable energy might never be able to replace the conventional. The Green and clean aspect of renewable energy gives the new sources an edge over the conventional. The US is blessed in the sense that it is not facing a mutually exclusive scenario; the US government can pursue a two pronged strategy and get the best of both worlds. One day conventional fuels will run out so instead of increasing production, they need to cut down on oil consumption too. The event is market activity and the contribution of oil and gas sector in the US economy. The US government and its people are involved. Levi believes that the debate about what is the best means of energy for the US needs to be resolved with debates where both sides must lose a little to win. The article holds importance because the energy sector is the backbone of the US economy.
My reaction to the article is that the issue highlighted is correct and the information given is thought provoking. People in power must pay heed to this effort. I feel that one side of the issue where conventional energy players come in, are only raking in profits, while on the other, the technological and green energy players also have some regards for the environment. The event will turn out in the best interest of the public. People of the US are well aware of them; they will not remain under corporate monopoly. The debate about efficient use of fuel affects each and every individual as fuel is not just used in automobiles. Levi is not biased at all; he has shown both sides of the picture and let the readers form an opinion themselves.
Levi, Michael. "Americas Energy Opportunity, How to Harness the New Sources of U.S. Power." Council on Foreign Relations. N.p., May-June 2013. Web. 30 Apr. 2013. .