Dwight A. Pryor's Audio/CD Entitled, Jewish Roots 101 – Book Report/Review Example

JEWISH ROOTS 101 BY DWIGHT A. PRYOR Institutional Affiliation
Dwight in his presentation uses an analogy to express his teachings. Dwight uses the reverse camera analogy from the sporting world to explain the Jewish roots relationship with the New Testament gospel. In actual sense, he uses the rivalry between the Texas and Oklahoma football teams to explain his point. He argues that in analyzing the game one can always use the main camera and later review the details of the game using the reverse camera. In his work, Dwight argues that there are three possible outcomes to an event when one looks at the Jewish roots1.
Firstly, it is possible that the reverse camera will prove the main camera to be correct. In this argument, Dwight sees some actions by the ancient Hebrew people to conform to those practiced in the New Testament Christianity. It is, thus, possible to relate some New Testament activities to those of the ancient Hebrews as in the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
Secondly, the main camera may be missing some very vital information that is only possible using the reverse camera. The Old Testament has some activities and beliefs that do not conform to the teachings of the New Testament and if used alone, then they may misguide the believers who are out to follow the Jewish roots.
Finally, the third possibility is that the view of the main camera is normally enhanced using the reverse camera. This means that for any believer to comprehend the Jewish origin and the requirements of being a proper Hebrew, it is necessary that the person combines both the Old and the New Testament. He goes ahead to warn that these perspectives cannot work on their own and one requires a combination of the two to understand the Jewish origin and behaviors in relation to Christianity.

Pryor, Dwight A.. "Jewish Roots 101." Class lecture, Taped Lecture from JC Studies, New York, February 10, 2014. Pp. 1-6