Intro Theater – Book Report/Review Example

Topic: Theater In the Play Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet, the 1st scene, Act of the play is a dialogue between the two characters of the play,Shelly Levene and John Williamson. Both the characters in the scene are shown sitting at the booth of a Chinese restaurant.
Levene wants Williamson to give him some hot leads on Glengarry Highlands. Levene tries to convince Williamson that Levene has no doubt over the capability of Williamson in doing his job but leads are being thrown without any setting, which Levene doesn’t want. Levene offers Williamson bribe in return to hot leads that can be transformed in closing the deal. At Williamson’s remark that Levene blew the leads, Levene tries to convince Williamson that he didn’t blow the leads by explaining the reasons for the first two leads wasted. When Williamson asks about the other two leads, he offers to go down town to show him the records.
Recounting that the car was bought not because of just cold calling, it was the result of his hard work and not just luck, Levene argues that any big thing can happen over a successful lead. He shows the urgency of leads right then and there otherwise Williamson won’t find a man like Levene, ready to make a return offer and swears to Williamson that if leads are not given to him, Williamson would be at a loss of not knowing a man like Levene.
Williamson’s reminder at Levene’s persistency in asking for leads that his job is to marshal the leads, Levene tries to make a mockery of the ethics, Williamson has leant in school. He tells Williamson that selling is their job, means of selling are not important. Levene uses abusive language but feels sorry. Williamson remains adamant on not providing premium leads, as premium leads cannot be given to undeserving sales people. At this, Levene tells what other sales people are, they are new in business and it is Levene who brought them in this trade, people like Moss, Gerry Graff, Mitch, and even Murray. Levene tries to win the confidence of Williamson by saying that had Williamson been there earlier, Levene would have benefited him. At Williamson disclosing that leads are randomly awarded and he would not give premium leads to Levene, Levene offers 10 percent of his share from the closing of the sale, which he was denying otherwise that he won’t close the sale. Williamson is doubtful of Levene’s efficiency in closing a premium lead. In such a situation, Williamson has to take the command in his own hands.