Evaluation – Book Report/Review Example

The website that was chose for evaluation was called It was created by Maria Droujkova, who wanted kids to excel in math while giving them a very fun experience. The task was to evaluate the website through different facets. The most important aspect of college is the fact is that it allows a student to think and explore along with creating their own math. The graphical outlay of the website is very bright and user friendly. The most important feature of this website is the fact that it allows students to customize their math based on their own needs. It has a very nice layout, which is aesthetically appealing to the students. Clearly, the website makes its brightest mark at the fact that math can be fun. It keys on the idea of learning and teaching, a mutual collaboration between students and teachers. Students can easily register and begin their journey to obtain critical and analytical skills.
The website is extremely user friendly as clear differences are made for accessibility. Students can also questions about the website to the web administer. All the correct information was found on the information tabs. For instance under “admissions and aid,” the tuition guidelines are listed along with financial aid. In addition, the website has the calendar in which everything seems to be update. It is a great website for students who not only want to challenge themselves, but have fun while acquiring their math skills. A great thing about this website is the fact that there are no unnecessary pop ups. Since it is an educational institute, it completely eliminates that problem. Lastly, it utilizes the future technology with having links to social networking websites. Undoubtedly, this shows it understands the students and to build a network. The website does associate everything regarding math and makes it very interactive for students. The website is current to date as the math community is also involved in this website.