Preparing A Client Brief – Book Report/Review Example

Brief Approval Process Gold consultancy, a newly established Company based in Southampton, provides professionals to focus groups to provide professional services on different projects. The Company engages in a project to provide homes to the homeless especially the elderly within the society. Gold Consultancy is therefore launching a strategy to link other donor towards providing homes to the elderly. Their creative team has therefore been assigned to lead the project.
HIWCF enquires a client brief issue by the Gold Consultancy. This outlines the strategies, goals and objectives and other measures that the company is going to use to carry out the project. The design and documentation that suits each stage of the plan and approval process is also issued.
A client brief proposal is sent by the company to HIWCF. A fee proposal letter is placed that outline the cost and basic information is provided in the brief.
After, the proposal have been signed by the company’s management team it is sent to the HIWCF for discussions. A thorough review of the brief is conducted and after a mutual agreement between the Company Management team and HIWCF, and after the client is satisfied with the terms of the company a client approval is required. The Project Manager, Assistant Manager, Human Research manager and the Research and development manager will sign the approval form to officially initiate the project.