Response And Summary – Book Report/Review Example

It is widely assumed that men have different sexual arousal patterns than women, coupled with the belief that men show the greatest sexual arousal tothe gender that they prefer to have sex with, while women’s sexual preferences are more flexible. In basic experiments, it was noted that lesbians and heterosexual females experienced more arousal to male-female sex. Two studies were designed that would measure the arousal in men, women, and postoperative male-to-female transexuals based on films that depicted sexual acts between male-male, female-female, and male-female. The first study showed that the relation between self-reported sexual preference and sexual arousal patterns were weaker in females than in males and transexuals. The experiment showed that men and transexuals preferred their category-specific gender, though the preferences of the females seemed to be all over the place, showing the same arousal for female-female as they did male-female, regardless of their orientation. Heterosexual men, however, showed a higher arousal for female-female sexual activities. The second study showed the same results, in which women did prefer male-female sex, though they were more aroused by female-female sex than male-male.
The conclusion of the study was the women have a nonspecific pattern of arousal that is completely different from men, who have a category-specific pattern of arousal. Thus, women’s sexual arousal is not as constrained as men’s sexual arousal. However, this does not suggest that every female is inherently bisexual. Oddly enough, it seems to be considered normal when a straight female is aroused be female-female sex, though if a male is aroused by male-male sex, he needs to rethink his sexual orientation.
Men and women are regarded quite differently when it comes to their sexual orientation. It is because of this that it is assumed that every male and female will react sexually to their preferred gender, though this ended up not being the case. Males either have better control over their sexual arousal, or they do only get sexually turned on by the gender that they prefer. Women had no definite preference, which would suggest that they are less hampered by a gender when it comes to sexual arousal. This comes at almost no surprise, as women seem more sexually and romantically open regardless of gender or their sexual preference.