Review For Twilight, Los Angeles – Book Report/Review Example

TWILIGHT: LOS ANGELES, 1992 Act One The first part of act one is the Humming tunes by Norman, an opera singer. He makes one understand that his singing started at a very young age and everyone was pleased by the sound of his voice (Smith, 21). The second part reflects the wishes and reflections of a man born either in the sixties or fifties. He expresses how all causes of death got misunderstood. Angela King in her poem, Hands fishin’, makes one realize that African had the weirdest ways of fishing and the boy she was talking to was fishing the way she would expect Africans to fish (Smith, 25-26). These curious people, a poem by Sheinbaum, reflects the curiosity of people. He makes one understand that everyone gets curious of what happens around them. Elaine Young’s poem on real estate agent shows the conversation between the poet and the real estate agent (Smith, 34-5). It reflects the good relationships in Beverly Hills. Charles Lloyd’s ‘Attorney for soon Ju Du’ poem shows how the people long for justice. They say they need justice else there will be no peace. This chapter speaks reflects positivity different groups of people have. The positivity leads them to accomplish good and great things every time (Smith, 42-45).
Act Two
The Act reflects on the hard feelings individuals have as a result of injustices. Any injustices get to affect the comfortable existence among individuals. Therefore, for people to win the liking of others, they have to appreciate the good qualities of others. The Act speaks of the troubles some groups suffered under the mercy of other superior racial groups. The Korean poet of the poem, ‘swallowing the bitterness’ makes one see how uncomfortable the group being discriminated against feels. Therefore, in order to reduce bitterness, the different groups within a community must learn to coexist without discrimination (Smith, 166-7).
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