Sex Sells And Many Athletes Are Cashing In- Thomas Huang – Book Report/Review Example

In asserting that athletes in ancient Olympic Games competed in the nude just like the current athletes, Huang manages to give a clear picture of how the requirements of the Olympic Games remains the same despite change in time. His claim that today’s athletes benefit significantly from magazine circulation as well as internet shows that advancement in technology has contributed significantly to misuse of nudity which is part of the game (Huang 1). From his claim, one can also deduce that technology has led to nudity becoming one of the resource generating elements.
In writing his article, Huang ensured that he has balanced all views of the controversy. He achieved this by providing both negative and positive views about athletes in posing in the magazines and internet. Before introducing any quotations from advocates of women’s sports, Huang provided some information on how they perceived Olympic spotlight. The inclusion of an editor’s opposing view in the article aid in not only retaining athletes who like posing nude, but also increasing the number of nude athletes’ pictures for the public consumption (Huang 1).
The revealing of a black sports bra by Brandi Chastain makes majority of the people believe that women athletes love exposing their sexy appearance. Majority of the athletes portray the same character; they love posing nude. However, their actions can be distinguished by their gender. For instance, women love posing nude in order to compete with men who have advanced very much in Olympic Games.
Posing nude will aid many athletes to get sponsors who will boost their career objectives by providing them with training resources. Additionally, majority of athletes will also manage to increase the number of their supporters through posing nude. In his article, Huang also expounds on the importance of athletes posing nude. For instance, he asserts that posing nude will enable athletes earn more money as well as secure corporate sponsorships.
Just like Huang, Kilbourne asserts that the unreal portrayal of women in the advertisings degrades women’s self-esteem. It shows that they lack the potential to compete with male in Olympic Games. She concurs also with Huang by arguing that the effort of women is disregarded in many societies and as a result they are used in selling different types of goods. Additionally, her claim that nude posing of women catalyzes abuse as well as reinforcing patriarchal society correlates to Huang argument that male are dominant in the Olympic Games.
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