Summary – Book Report/Review Example

Summary Lynda Smith in her article Disconnected she contends how the of the communication’s speed has rapidly improved despite herself being a technophobe. On the onset of her argument, Lynda cites how cell phones have become rampant presently, since each person is in possession of one. This has prompted people to have the notion, if does not have a cell phone, it as if an individual is out of the global network of the loved ones and those whom a person interacts with daily. Hence, people becoming cell phone addicts in the name of keeping in touch with other people especially the loved ones. Lynda also cites how the communication with its increasing speed has made life easier. This is because each person is capable of keeping constant communication with the family members. However, this has replaced the aspect of connection, which ought to be evident among the family members thus losing the necessary connectivity or closeness among the people.
Additionally, communication’s diverse and rapid advancements have also prompted people to adopt the aspect of high speed in order to have more time for leisure. Conversely, this is contrary since the more a person is in a hurry to tackle or reach a certain destination, the less time one has left for the things he or she had intended to tackle. Lynda does not take any side regarding her argument, but she highlights benefits entailed in each side, though, on a personal level she is a technophobe. This is especially in the manner how she cites the speed and innovations that are underway and almost with us. For illustration, the Samsung computers that will be capable to responding to human feelings, which makes her wonder whether they will have emotions where refers to them as being scary.