THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN THE UNITED S September 23, The Industrial Revolution In The United s, Ch Reading through the chapter imparts me with vast and critical knowledge on the industrial revolution in America. A brief introduction on technological advancement made in the manufacturing industry is discussed in details with proper acknowledgement made to the major contributors of the improvement. I could not fail to recognize how startled the British were at the Birmingham exhibition of 1851 after having a glimpse of the new pacesetter technology used by the Americans. The main part of the application of the new and efficient production techniques was on the armor production sector. Moreover, interchangeability was the main improvement and change that gave the production technique its uniqueness and importance not only among the Americans, but also among the British.
The reading grants me the chance to understand real life situation where technology has a significant influence in production processes. For example, the British company still using the human skilled labor produce armors like guns in a much slower rate of 2 per hour compared to the improved use of machines that can produce 12 per hour (The American System of Manufacture 36). I gain vast knowledge about organizational structure in combined production system by reading through the Springfield armory production firm. It had several functions as discussed in the chapter to ensure proficiency in terms of coordination minimization of material wastage. A good conclusion is achieved with an open fact that interchangeability had a great influence on the industrial revolution not only in the armor production but also in other things such as production of sewing machines.
I have learnt about economic market failure, and I have found it impressively portrayed in the reading. It is clear in several situations one of them being training of people by the Springfield armory while the people go to work at other private firms. The other scenario is a situation whereby improved technology to make products cheaper but in this case the vice versa happens.