Writer's Choice – Book Report/Review Example

Bone Bone The story d Bone focuses on the mystery of Leong’s family surrounding the death of Ona, who committed suicide.All the family members make efforts to understand why Ona decided to take her life. The novel’s narrator is Leila, Ona’s sister. Leila exposes the reader to the issues defining the lives of Chinese Americans who are torn between two cultures. Whereas the older generation values Chinese traditions, the younger generation as evidenced by Leila is determined to adopt the American culture. To reveal why Ona committed suicide, Leila brings out issues that the family faced both before and after Ona’s death (Ng, 2008). The reader gets to understand how the loss of Ona led to a diverse range of feelings defined by grief, anger, guilt, avoidance, love, and eventually acceptance. The reader gains familiarity with many issues that the family has to deal with. The narrator exhibits her determination to defy Chinese traditions and make her choices.
Throughout the fourteen chapters of the book, Leila proves to be highly assertive and outspoken characteristics that are not expected from a Chinese girl. The narrator’s marriage is a clear indication that she is willing to make her decisions without respecting the Chinese decisions. Leila’s individualistic attitude is evident throughout the story a factor that explains her determination to be an American rather than a Chinese. She despises the older generation of Chinese Americans who have decided to hold on to the Chinese traditions (p. 142). From the story narrated, it becomes evident that Ona found herself in a middle position, a factor that may have fueled her decision to commit suicide. Leila and her other sister are determined to move away from Sans Francisco and venture into other states away from the Chines culture. The novel succeeds in painting a realistic picture of some of the challenges that Chinese Americans face in the United States, opposed to the existing stereotypes.
Ng, F. sM. (2008). Bone. New York: Hyperion.