Breakthrough Video – Case Study Example

Change management Introduction For any organization to prosper there must be effective communication among the involved parties meant to transmit clear information besides the used language being well understood (Gillis 146). Information in this case ought to flow well to all recipients and at the right time in quest of shunning inconveniences that emanate from poor means of communication. Hence, enabling both the organization and involved parties attain their respective goal, which in turn propels any firm to have high aggressive edge in the market (Gillis 106).
The management may fail severally to admit a change because they focus more on the problem than how they can solve it (Carter). Therefore, it should always aim at its vision despite the challenges it encounters. This is by taking them positively in quest of developing varied and effective strategies meant to tackle other managerial problems in future (Carter). Management should always emphasize on much improvements despite exhibiting excellent performance when all is going well rather than “stacking” their barriers, which at the moment are not that threatening but in future.
Effective communication in any organization by the management is comparable to light because anything good must have a perfect way of ensuring its completion even though it does not entail a lot of struggles (Carter). Consequently, this ensures there is unity and harmony throughout the entire organization because each party has a chance to express oneself based on his or her ideas and feelings. The executive team/management in the organization ought to know their employees well and plan regular meetings to discuss issues they should do as well as what ought to be shunned in quest of ensuring effective running of the entire organization (Carter). Effective communication encourages better performance and satisfaction due to generation of greater ideas that help whenever they are transmitted and understood among employees.
An executive can get his work well done only if it communicates effectively to his workers. This is because effective communication is the only means by which change is affected, targets are met and behaviors modified. The management has the mandate to supply the relevant information because the employees are curious in knowing essential plans put in place by the organization’s management.
I do agree with Ronald’s position on why most management bodies fail. This is because they fail to discuss their ideas and communicate with the entire organization to get their views as well. Due to lack of effective communication, the management is unable to plan well for the organization which leads to its failure.
Ensuring effective communication in all firm’s levels is an inevitable strategy if any corporate aspires to have high competitive advantage in the market (Gillis 106). Since, this is the only way both an organization according to Ronald can adequately resolves its numerous predicaments and barriers that might be threatening its future’s advancements. Therefore, Ronald’s sentiments highlighted by this video are true whereby current corporations ought to emulate.
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