Business Communication Questions – Case Study Example

Short Answer 41. Explain the logic in using social networks in business. Do you agree or disagree with its use? Social networking can be very useful in promoting a business and by making customers feel like they belong to a brand. Such networks are also very useful in helping to obtain customers personal details. It allows businesses to communicate quickly and effectively with customers and send them promotional information which can definitely peak their interest in new products and sales.
42. Think about a writing project that you recently completed. Using the terminology in this chapter, describe the process that you used. How might using different strategies have made the project more pleasant and productive? What helpful strategies did you use, if any, that were not mentioned in this chapter?
I recently wrote an essay for a class I am taking. I used a number of processes laid out in this chapter. I went through a planning phase where I considered what exactly I wanted to communicate in the course of my essay. I then entered the drafting phase where I sketched out these ideas into an outline. Then I did the revision. These were all very effective. Choosing a format was very important in order to communicate my message. The only other thing I did at the beginning was to daydream a bit in an informal manner in order to get my imagination working.
43. Explain the you-viewpoint in persuasive requests. Why is it important to the reader?
When making a persuasive request it is important to be empathetic and consider the other persons perspective. You need to appeal to the way they think and feel. You need to try to use what you know about them to get their attention and interest. If you try to persuade them in a generic manner you will be less successful.
44. Describe the resume, cover letter, and salary requirement letters. What are the similarities/differences?
Each of these letter requires something different. A resume must be formal and must clearly state the employees relevant work experience. It must be legible and be easy to read. A letter is a formal effort to communicate a message to a recipient. The subject could be any number of things, but it often falls into two categories—to ask the recipient to do something or to give them notice something has been done. A salary requirement letter makes a specific request and is also formal.