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IKEA Value Added Offerings SOURCES OF VALUE WAYS TO COMMUNICATE VALUE IKEA Catalogue/Room Magazine The main marketing tool through which IKEA communicate its value offerings to its customers is the IKEA catalogue and last year, IKEA distributed 110 million catalogues. Around 70% of marketing budget is spent on catalogues, which are published in 38 different edition and 17 languages for 28 countries (IKEA, 2010). Catalogues are distributed free of cost in mailboxes of potential customers.
European IKEA Magazine is available in all stores of IKEA in Europe and it is also mailed out to around 150,000 IKEA Home card holders in United Kingdom (IKEA, 2010). Although it is country specific but this magazine is produce centrally and communicates values of IKEA.
Word of Mouth/Public Relations
WOM has proven as a best communication strategy for IKEA in most of the world markets except USA where consumer diversity is high. Moreover, IKEA aggressively focus on public relations by product launches, press releases and website information (IKEA, 2010).
IKEA Advertising
Unique TV advertising campaign of IKEA is designed to impact behavioural attitude of customers such as IKEA promoted furniture as a matter of personality, emotions and lifestyles through its series of eight advertising spots.
IKEA Stores
IKEA has adopted unique stored advertising strategy and retailers of company represent IKEA concept and values.
IKEA should give focus on improving quality because its products are designed in consideration to international safety needs only and quality is enough to fulfil intended use. By improving quality, IKEA can offer more value to its customers and it can be promoted by improving the experience of the customers and getting quality assurance certificates.
IKEA can also offer home delivery services because IKEA stores locations keep the company at a disadvantage as compared to its competitors. Thos value added services can be advertised by mentioning on catalogue “Call now to buy”.
Company can also emphasise on “going green” to show CSR and it can be communicated by participating in more CSR programs.
Three levels of Product
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