Conclusion Summary About Energy Drink – Case Study Example

Conclusion summary about energy drink: It is clearly suggested that Monster brand has a competitive edge over RedBull energy drink brand because of many wise investments made by the brand managers over the years. There is more diversity in products and more attractive packaging which instantly works to enthrall the target groups particularly boys aged 16 to 24. The exciting neon green big logo of M against a dark background conforms to the needs of strong-headed late teenagers who are enchanted by the ideas of rebellion and buying Monster cans makes them feel adventurous in a unique way. Heavy investments made in smartly engineered techniques also contributed to depth and expansion of the Monster product line. Today, so much is ensured to everyone by the overwhelmingly impressive and diverse Monster energy product portfolio. In contrast, RedBull has maintained an exceptionally mundane strategy in reference to its product line and painfully limited choices are available to the customers as a result. While Monster has introduced a range of riveting flavors in each line, RedBull managers have simply stuck to their original flavor and diversity is shockingly limited to the sugar free and zero calorie versions. Both Monster and RedBull have mostly used almost similar promotion and distribution strategies. However, while Monster concentrates on using myriad events as channels for communicating to the customers, RedBull focuses on expanding into the advertisement industry for that purpose. Despite product diversity, Monster energy drink brand has not expanded into the media and established control there the way their principal rival RedBull has.