Corporate Social Responsibility And Gloabal Citizensip – Case Study Example

Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Citizenship Coca-cola Water Neutrality Initiative Corporate social responsibility plans of companies assists in ensuring the sustainability of operations. For the Coca-Cola Company, such sustainability drives entails the focus of the company for future sustainability. Coca-Cola’s corporate responsibility and sustainability plans relates to their plans in ensuring that they provide products in line with low-carbon, Zero wastage and in line with world climate change needs. Therefore, water has been of great concern to the company. Since water is essential to the production of the company, other stakeholders concerns with water resource have an influence to the operation of the firm. The concern of other stakeholder such as the World Wildlife Foundation and environmental groups is sustaining the environment. In retrospect, Coca-Cola Company depends on water for profitability (Newborne 21- 26).
The water Neutrality program of the company for this case considers stakeholders needs of the state of Kerla. Therefore, there is a need to consider the Geophysical as well as the social needs of the state. The plant in the region deprives villagers of water to drink and for irrigation. For these reasons, their (TCCC) branch operations came into a halt from the influence of the community through a Non-Profit organization in the state of India (Newborne 37). This has made the company transform its operations to include initiatives that promotes sustainable water use, employment of community initiatives and sustainable recycling and packaging.
Since the world has become a global village, companies operate beyond their borders. Then, corporate social responsibility needs to be of great consideration. Corporate social responsibility assists organizations attract better employees, and saves on costs of operations. For example, a good corporate responsibility program would create value with all stakeholders. It ensures equality and diversity in the workforce. It also facilitates community programs such as individuals donating to organizations and charities.
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