Essential Of Organization Behavior – Case Study Example

The influential behaviors and activities of individuals Individuals’ behaviors and attitudes have a strong impact on organizational matters. Before Archie Norman gained the hold, Asda displayed signs of McGregor’s Theory X in terms of the separation of management structure into two boards, namely Asda Group Activities and Asda Grocery Stores. The first thing Norman did was break the hierarchical structure. This promoted recognition, job involvement and communication. Norman kept a general form of communication channel amongst departments, employees, managers, and the CEO. When everyone got the right to place the feedback, this made the system transparent and eliminated ambiguities among the organizational personnel. Norman appointed a psychologist to review management competence, intelligence and fit in accordance with the principles of Personality-Job Fit Theory and Person- Organization Fit Theory. This process allowed Norman in-sight to the potential demotivational factors for the managers. These factors included but were not limited to bureaucracy and the influence of former chief executives. Norman also developed a new culture which formed an open plan. Employees could play football and go out for a pizza. Norman implemented this practice with a view to knowing the employees better and inculcating a sense of motivation in them. This not only promotes openness of experience, but also makes the organizational personnel more satisfied with their job. Finally, the creation of listening groups by the renewal team was a very important step in the promotion of organization’s rapport with the customers. Customers could convey their opinions to the listening groups. The organization was able to modify its practices in accordance with the valuable suggestions of the customers.