Ikea – Case Study Example

Marketing Research at IKEA Define one specific problem it could address through marketing research. IKEA started its operations from Sweden and expanded to entire Europe, Asia and Canada. When company entered into American market, it faced a huge cultural difference therefore; one of the problems which company might have faced is as below:
IKEA bedroom furniture dimensions are different from American market such as IKEA beds are narrower and longer than American beds and existing mattresses used by the customers may not fit IKEA bed (BusinessWeek, 2005).
In order to analyse whether American customers will accept IKEA furniture designs or company should offer something in consideration to American markets, conducting marketing research is important.
What type of research design do you recommend for addressing that problem, and why?
In order to investigate the mentioned research problem, it is suggested to IKEA that a descriptive research study should be designed. To reach on a specific decision, primary data should be collected. The descriptive should be based on cross sectional design and data should be collected by designing survey.
What is the most appropriate way to collect the data? Justify your choice.
A survey should be conducted and data should be collected through a questionnaire. The company can use the same questionnaire to collect the data. IKEA marketers should establish a team for conducting survey because online responses are not very reliable. No doubt conducting a survey will incur high cost and time requirements will be also high, but if representatives visit different furniture markets then they can approach the potential target customers. Moreover, in this way representatives can get filled long questionnaires, they can use visuals and they can also help participants in understanding questions.
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