Mediation (case Study) – Case Study Example

Case Study Assessment – Mr. P. Sooter Part I: Mr. Smith’s Situation Please include the following information for reviewing the situation, along with the business file. This information is critical for developing the brief.
1) Bank practices and advice
Please attach confidential information, including any records of your conversation with bank staff to establish what you were advised by the bank.
2) Business proposal
Please disclose the full terms and conditions of the service agreement to help establish the exact terms of the contract.
3) Bank’s conflict resolution process
Please include a copy of the banks final letter to help established what steps were taken to resolve the issue, and any unresolved issues.
Part II: Briefing on Situation
To: Mr. Smith
# ABC Street, XYZ City, 123456
Date: June 04 2010
Sub: Complaint Letter
Dear Mr. Smith,
The brief has reference to the overview of the complaint that we discussed earlier. From our discussion, I understand that your complaint relates to acceptance of offer for balance transfer and subsequent services, and that you are looking for guidance to resolve the issue. According to your complaint, you were approached by a banking staff in the banking hall with an offer for balance transfer, and you believe that you were misguided on the terms of the introductory offer associated with your credit card.
A review of information provided indicates that the banking staff approached you with an offer for balance transfer with a time specific offer. The banking staff had access to your confidential information and situation while making the offer. The outstanding balance of $3000 with 19.9% APR with another provider is confidential information. This information was not only retrieved, but also analyzed from the bank’s business view. You were approached in the banking hall, and enquired indirectly about your position. You were not seeking a similar service, but the offer was made in the banking hall, and was time bound. You were offered 0% balance transfer for 12 months. The offer being time specific, there was not sufficient time for reviewing all the terms and conditions. The numbers had not been worked out giving a complete understanding of the terms and conditions associated with the offer.
As the offer being was time specific, you did not have adequate time to review the specific details of the offer, and signed up for the credit card based on the advice from the banking staff. The offer terms were technical, and since the numbers had not been worked out you did not have an understanding of the exact terms of the offer. However, since you agreed to the terms and conditions of the services while applying for the new services, the situation cannot be reversed. Moreover, the realization that you were being charged interest after passage of 12 months indicates negligence on your part. Being a customer of the bank, you have the right to information related to the services that you avail, and in case you are not satisfied you could seek clarification or even switch services. On compassionate grounds, the bank could review your situation, and revise the terms and conditions of the services, or offer you alternate services. This would require explaining your situation to the staff in decision making positions, and you should take up the matter with them.
This is for your information and necessary action. Please feel free to contact me for any further questions or concerns that you may have. Thanking you for the opportunity to serve you.
Yours sincerely,