New Business Enter Uk Market ( Swot Analysis ) – Case Study Example

SWOT analysis for new business in UK market Introduction Elith Natural Stone Radiators is a company based in Germany and specializes in the production of quality infrared radiators from natural stones. It offers reliable electricity from stone radiators of quality and has been proven to be sustainable and has great records in expanding sector in the modern heating market (Franzoni et al, 2013).
The price of energy produced by Natural stone Radiators is cost efficient as it requires less knowledge to harvest the electricity since it applies the theory of every day heating from the infrared heating; therefore, it is quite a down to earth source of energy that can be made available to everyone. The prices often start at £500.00 for an electric panel all VAT taxes inclusive together with the delivery to the mainland (Jackson & Stone, 1998).
Electricity produced by natural stone radiators is relatively high during the day time this company thus works under utilization of heat radiation from the sun the greatest source of energy. Therefore, greater heating radiation is produced during the daylight when crystalline structures of the natural stone has been heated through the reflection of the sun towards all directions hence its distribution is even during the day making it eco-friendly (Davis, 2005).
SWOT Analysis of Natural Stone Radiators reveals numerous advantages of the natural stone radiators company as production of high quality infrared radiators in production of electricity that last for a greater period therefore reliable. The electricity produced has a great opportunity due to the undergoing improvement and modern innovation during the research by the company in collaboration with other research organizations (Stone, 2010). The electricity produced by the Elith Company is healthy to its users and the environment with least pollution risks. Moreover, the stone radiators used in the production of electricity are incredibly cost effective due to its large heat storage capacity. Another opportunity is the fact that the company has long standing links and partnerships with major global companies which will boost its success. In addition, it is friendly to the environment since it does not affect relative humidity and their thermal qualities are quite high. However, the company has high threat in that production of heat is limited to daytime with minimal radiation of the Natural Stones during the night (Davis, 2005).
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