Persuasive Message – Case Study Example

Persuasive Message Dear Melinda Sparks, During an entrepreneur forum I attended yesterday, I was introduced to your business profile and entrepreneurial expectations from small companies whose sole interest is to attain their mission and vision statement. Our company is WorldConnect Language Services. We have a team of expertise with experience in almost 50 languages spoken by different people across the world. Not only does the company assist in breaking language barrier, we incorporate the understanding of language and how it is connoted in the culture of its creation. In other terms, our translators effectively blend the understanding of language and culture in order to communicate to the clients sufficiently and accurately. What makes a translation company competitive is the ability to deliver the message in the context of its surrounding and influencing cultural values as emphasized by Samuelsson-Brown (109).
I was glad to realize that I meet all the qualifications listed in your requirements details. I have been a small-scale business entrepreneur for quite some time and has always been struggling to meet the long-term objectives of the company. The company has been doing well and I was planning to make a business expansion toward the southwest. Southwest experiences more customer traffic due to the recent forward surge of investors who need translation services. Our teams are ready to take this opportunity and the company will definitely offer you a generous percentage of ownership.
Within two months, the office was booked to capacity and the company anticipates that with the change, the company will experience huge returns. The revenue will be growing exponentially that would result in greater profit margins for all shares. Therefore, I would like to assure you that your contribution would not be in vain.
WorldConnect Language Services humbly request you to contribute a sum of $50,000 to help in the construction of one major office in the southwest region. The primary office will act as the headquarters for other sub branches. Besides, the revenues accruing from its establishment will help in the funding of the mini projects of the sub-outlets. It would be of great convenience if the requested amount were available by 2015/08/01.
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