Pixar Case – Case Study Example

Pixar Case al Affiliation: Pixar Case Corporate Strategy: Pixar has been able to maintain its competitive advantage in the market because of diversifying its operations, an aspect that has enabled the business to reduce the risks and uncertainties associated with concentrating on a single market. In addition, the acquisition of the organization by Walt Disney Company has increased the company’s financial base. As a result, it has become easy for the business to set up a barrier of entry to any other interested investor. This has given the organization an upper hand in the market. This is being replicated in its overall sales and revenue.
Pixar has been able to enter new market as a result of high advertising strategy. The company uses traditional media such as audio, visual, and print media. In addition, it uses modern media such as social media. This has enabled it to penetrate new markets across the world.
International expansion: Pixar has an effective internationalization strategy. Many of the businesses have failed to penetrate into the global market. However, through creating a strong brand, Pixar has been able to conquer the global market (Sadler & Craig, 2003). In addition, the company has integrated technology in its operations. For instance, through online platform, the loyal customers are able to hire videos. This has played a significant role in retaining the customers. Furthermore, the innovative approach being used by the firms keeps the customers eager for the next product. As a result, customers are not easily swayed away by the substitutes from the competitors.
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