Read One Of The Case Studies (Rat Man Or Wolf Man) In The Freud Text (section Three) And Following – Case Study Example

A Case History of a “Lonely man” This middle aged bank clerk who has purposely chosen and isolated life will be d “ “ lonely man” in this case history in order to respect his privacy. The man seems to be a case of compulsive neurosis as he has isolated him from the society. He is living alone in a flat in Dublin. “He had neither companions nor friends, church nor creed. He lived his spiritual life without any communion with others, visiting his relatives at Christmas and escorting them to the cemetery when they died”( Joyce 141). He was obsessed with order in his life and wanted everything in order. Perhaps that was the reason of his avoidance of any social contact. That man came in contact with a married lady, who soon became his soul mate, and both continued having meetings first at her house and then at her cottage outside the city. The lady’s husband knew about this relationship and he took that relation harmless. Both went along well but then a sudden incident caused break up. One day in a state of excitement she “caught up his hand passionately and pressed it to her cheek”(144).
After the break up, Mr. “Lonely man” came back to his lonely ordered life and one day he came to know about the death of the lady in a train accident. After that he started having strange hallucinations in which he heard the engine pronouncing her name. He felt that he mistreated her and in a way became the cause of her death. He now himself try to listen her voice “he could hear nothing: the night was perfectly silent. He listened again: perfectly silent. He felt that he was alone”(153). Lonely man’s obsession with order in his life became the cause of his loneliness as he feared that any contact with outside world many bring about disruption in his life. Same fear when reached at the verge of compulsive neurosis , made him incapable for any relation of intimacy. The lady that comes in her life was herself lonely and was looking for true companionship which, perhaps, she found in our “ case” but our case did not respond her properly due to his neurotic behavior and returned her warmth of passion with coldness resulting the end of life of that woman and further loneliness in his own life.
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