Strong Brands – Case Study Example

Insert Introduction From a personal standpoint, the three brands that have the strongest likelihood of remaining a source ofadvantage in the 21st Century are Coca Cola, Microsoft and Google. Coca Cola remains a brand with very high prospects of excelling in the 21st century because it is the most popular carbonated soft beverage and is the most widely spread throughout the globe. In 2011, Coca Cola was the most valuable brand. The company has 130,650 employees and has sales of 46.3 billion US dollars (Regassa and Corradino, 105).
Microsoft is also very strong because of its strong brand. Microsoft products are the most trusted and global. Microsoft is so robust that it licenses, supports, develops and sells consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers and services such as Microsoft operating systems, the Internet Explorer web browser, Microsoft Office suite, Xbox and Microsoft Surface spates of tablets. All these are products are products of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft remains the globe’s largest software maker, according to its revenue base also. Presently, Microsoft has total asset of 142.43 billion US dollars and a net income of 21.86 billion USD, according to 2013 statistics (Vericat, 181).
Google also has strong prospects in the 21st century as it is the world’s most popular producer of the Internet-related products and services. In 2013, Google had a net income of 12.92 billion USD and total assets amounting to 110.92 billion USD (Vericat, 182).
Effects of the Internet’s Capabilities on the Mentioned Brands
The Internet is likely to make the provision of Coca Cola, Microsoft and Google services by revolutionizing and according the online market for these three brands greater efficiency. This has already made Coca Cola, Microsoft and Google more global and instantaneous. The efficiency is also underscored by the fact that these brands’ competitors (such as Pepsi, Hewlett-Packard and Yahoo, respectively) are also bound to increase online activity and presence as a way of abating the competitive edge that Coca Cola, Microsoft and Google enjoy. The corollary to this is that Coca Cola, Microsoft and Google will be compelled to embrace greater efficiency to maintain or expand their competitive edge.
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