About Some Global Market Problem – Coursework Example

Global Market Problem A global issue is one that may occur in one place or worldwide but its impact is everywhere. Thus, aglobal issue is one that impacts several places worldwide. Major problems for international marketers include:
Legal constraints
Countries have a variety of different laws to cope with advertising and they are unique to each country. The solution would be to have competent expert legal advice before entry to the country and to do an annual review of the changing legislation that might impact operations. It is important to understand which countries do not permit your product to be advertised. The concept of deceptive advertising may be different in different countries. Given that this is a highly complex set of rules, running afoul of the law could cost brand equity and fines so expert in country advice is indispensible.
Linguistic Limitation
Unless you are a native speaker of a country who is up to date with all of the slang, innuendos, idioms, jokes and technological meanings you have no business designing advertising in another country. Encoding and decoding of an idea between two people of different linguistic backgrounds is filled with pitfalls. Low levels of literacy can also cause problems for the advertisers .
Cultural diversity
In international marketing, it is what you do not even have an awareness of that can sabotage you. Decisions about marketing mix are most often affected by cultural differences among country markets. Consumers respond it terms of their culture, its style, feelings, value system, attitudes, beliefs and perception.
Production and cost limitations
In other countries all of the media and supplies are available but at prohibitive costs. In these cases creativity is required. Cost escalates, however, when you must reach multiple languages, religious or ethnic groups within the same geographical territory. Now every form of advertising must be tailored to each group or be so universal that everyone could relate to the same representation. That’s difficult! Again, I remind you of how much Red Bull did before they engaged expensive media.
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