Apply Levy And Kaplans (2009) Framework To The Case Of H&Ms Participation In The Better Cotton – Coursework Example

The initiative I am analyzing gives more weight and opens opportunities for “civic regulation” as opposed to privatizing regulatory authorities. It presents and argument that that on their own corporates would not trade off profitability to diversion of some of their resources into CSR activities. It does not though disregard the impacts of privatization which as well has vast impacts most so with regards to CSR activities (Levy & Kaplan 2009 p.178).
In support of civic regulation, his analysis provides a framework representing CSR as a form of contested terrain of global governance as its rise is one of the boldest advancements of the recent times and in the world economy. This therefore provides a basis over which the major stakeholders including the Multinational Corporations are expected to show greater responsibility, transparency and utmost accountability in their efforts of putting in place new governance structures (Levy & Kaplan 2009 p.256). They are also endowed with the responsibility of ensuring that such structures work.
There are therefore rules, norms, codes of conducts and standards under which these programs are established. These according to Levi and Kaplan (2009) have ensured that civil groups are in the position of regulating the operations of the angry business organizations. It is clear that without the civil society to protect the hands of the public from exploitation of the humanity and the environment by companies, companies would not have mercies as long as they are able to make their profits. This brings out the clear difference between civil regulation and privatization since privatization would instead perpetuate selfishness (Levy & Kaplan 2009 p.280). Therefore, a conclusion can be made that CSR is not merely a struggle of practices but a basis upon which governance authority is hinged.
Levy, DL, & Kaplan, R, 2009, Corporate Social Responsibility and Theories of Global Governance: Strategic Contestation in Global Issue Arenas. Oxford: Oxford University Press.