Assessments – Coursework Example

Leadership qualities of constructor Introduction Leadership style is a quality measure in managerial positions, in various business profiles across the globe. Good leadership styles according to Pierce & Newstrom, (2003) enhance employees cooperation as well as productivity on their jobs. Employee motivation is one aspect of leadership that needs great focus and exploitation for better performance in industrial productivity. In this paper, I will summarize my leadership styles based on my personal power profile in influencing employees’ better performance in line with my leadership tactics and motivational skills.
As a leader, I dearly recognize the importance of good pay for my employees as this is pegged on their motivation and job value assertion. I would, therefore, advocate for their better pay by influencing for an increment where necessary in order to make them feel, accepted, important and approved of their skills and training to enable them satisfy their job requirements in the company. I strongly believe that I can impart good technical skills in my employees by sharing my experience and skills, sharing technical knowledge with them. This will make them feel the need to accomplish their valued tasks and responsibilities for the company. These I can accomplish by employing good and human managerial tactics. Instead of confronting my employees and demanding their services, I would humbly explain to them because any request or proposal by providing its feasibility proof. This I suggest being done by making complements about their past accomplishments without making any future promise for reward after the task but reward them appropriately after the accomplishment over the same. In a bid to generate better and integrated suggestions for the proposals, I would prefer consultations with the other employees and senior officials on the approaches to be followed for success.
In conclusion, I would like to mention here that good leadership techniques are the sure way of guaranteeing success in the operations of the company. Poor leadership styles do not look into the affairs of the employees often intimidating and imparting negative feelings on the employees. A good leader motivates his employees and focuses on their well being while on their jobs by imparting the feelings of value and acceptance within the organization. Rewarding at an appropriate time, the employees feel motivated and valued.
Pierce, J., & Newstrom, J. W. (2003). Leaders and the Leadership Process (3 rd ed.). London: Prentice Hall.