Benefit And Drivers – Coursework Example

BENEFIT AND DRIVERS BENEFIT AND DRIVERS As the global economic market for the hospitality industrybecomes competitive, one question that companies like Banderman Island Resort keep asking how they can be different from other competitors in a manner that will attract as many customers to them as possible. While scrutinizing this question, Czinkota and Ilkka (2010) saw that organizations have the option of resorting to creativity and innovation as a way of introducing services and programs that differentiates them from competitors. Even though innovation and creativity may be different in meaning, they can both be identified to have the same level of influence on Baderman Island Resort, which is the ability to transform existing state of affairs at the organization (Sharma and Terence, 2005). Creativity has generally been linked to the ability of thinking wide to come up with new ideas (Czinkota and Ilkka, 2010). In this sense, Baderman Island Resort may adequately utilize creativity by using various creative thinking strategies such as the use of brainstorming and mind maps to identify its current problems, find several alternative solutions to the problems, research into the available alternatives, and select best options to solve the perceived problems.
As a competitor in the hospitality industry, Baderman Island Resort may be noticed to have problems that have to do with basic competitive advantage that is focused on achieving customer satisfaction through the offering of differentiated services. This is exactly where creative thinking becomes necessary for Baderman Island Resort. This is because through creative thinking, the organization will have the means of coming up with very new ideas that are unique to the organization alone. But after this process, innovation would take its place by aiding stakeholders within the organization to implement the various creative ideas into reality (Sharma and Terence, 2005). This means that Baderman Island Resort must be in a position to distinguish creativity from innovation if the company wants to adequately take advantage of these two terms within its organization.
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