Building Connections – Coursework Example

WORK: EDUCATION By: This paper delves in highlighting the various ways that the children are built through the many ways of connections. In the two learning resources that are provided, the two initiatives that the paper will dwell on are; North Star foundations donations and the spirit horse therapeutic center’s therapeutic driving. It is therefore important to highlight that the two initiatives are quite vital for the better of the children and their families too as well as the disabled (Eileeen, 2001).
The two therapeutic programs have various missions and goals in their operations. The Spirit Horse Therapeutic center has the goals of loving the children and that every decision that is made should be I favor of the children, being kind to the horses that are considered aged and even burying them when they die. The North Star foundation has the goal is on the creation of the gold standard and enhancing dog assistance to the children who face various forms of challenges resulting from disability. It is quite beneficial to the children and they benefit in so many ways (Eileeen, 2001).
In the North Star foundation’s initiative, there are dogs that are well trained to assist the children who are victims of autism, trauma as well as other forms of disability. These help the children to perform various activities that they are supposed to at their young age. The Spirit Horse Therapeutic Center, the children benefit in the sense that they are enjoy the horse riding services that are provided by the firm. The benefit is in the no charge service and the children are victims of various situations and so the service enables them to interact with the horses.
It is important to note that the spirit horse therapeutic center is supported through donations of cash, car, horse and the working place. The North Star foundation is supported through the money donations to their accounts (Eileeen, 2001).
Eileen, M. (2001), Building Connections: Spiritual Dimensions of Teaching, Boston, Peter Lang Pub Incorporated.