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Talent Management and Education in the Hospitality Industry] By Insert Presented to Location Date Due
Every organization requires new personnel once in a while. This article discusses the key strategy that every organization in the hospitality industry for market development. Hospitality industry has not been widely discussed especially in terms of employee recruitment, training and employing. To achieve this, organizations have to keep employing individuals to cope with the changing lifestyles. The current generation of students requires more attention and focus.
There have been several changes in various organizations over the last several decades due to many socio-political and technological developments that have emerged and influenced peoples’ behavior in many ways (Barron, 2008 p.732). Apart from developments in transportation that have made hitherto long distances much shorter, innovation that comes with developments in communication information technology is considered one of the issues that have reshaped organizations in the 21st century and the same trend applies to date.
Barron (2008) observes that this has altered the employability of the generation Y workforce to a large extent. According to Barron hospitality educators are yet to identify with generation Y’s characteristics and attitudes. Notably, the expiring generation was more suited in the sector (Barron, 2008 p.734). However, educators have to incline their efforts to train and understand the new generation of students in order to train them effectively. (Barron, 2008 p.740) attests that use of technology, encouragement and commitment may be able to generate the required results while training the generation Y.
Conclusively, the article examines the current implications faced by the hospitality sector with regards to the generation Y students completing their higher education. Observably, the current generation of students requires more attention, encouragement and focus. Additionally, newly graduated managers in the hospitality sector should also be treated differently.
Barron, P. (2008). Education and talent management: implications for the hospitality industry. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 20 (7), 730-742.