Critical Thinking And Ethics – Coursework Example

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Critical Thinking and Ethics
Critical thinking can be defined as a “well-established process” that is related to the “notion of systems thinking” and is used to identify as well as think about various issues (Drogan, 2009, p. 5). On the other hand, ethics is basically a “set of values,” which guides a person with regard to the “conduct of life” (p. 2). Now, individuals make decisions and choices everyday and in case of professionals, these decisions matter the most. Within every profession, the individuals are to make ethical decisions, which they derive out of critical thinking. Critical thinking and ethics go hand in hand, wherein the former plays crucial role within the topic of the latter. Living by ethics gives rise to various ethical standards that are to be followed and when critical thinking is applied to this, individuals are better able to understand those standards and abide to them in a better way. Critical thinking helps them arrive at appropriate judgment, which reflects both ethical conduct as well as logical reasoning. Critical thinking involves principles regarding the “recognition” of the issue, its “analysis,” “identification of alternative” solutions etc, which are also applicable to ethical reasoning, as both are part of logical judgment that the mind passes (p. 7). However, it is to be noted that merely drawing on critical thinking or ethical reasoning alone is not enough and that both elements should be considered. Thus this is the reason that even when everyone follows the rules and guidelines of logic or critical thinking, there still needs to be ethical decision making because it is ethics that ultimately decides the right and wrong of a situation. Therefore, it can be concluded that critical thinking and ethics are to go hand in hand and one without the other will result in further problems.
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