Customer Buying Process Map – Coursework Example

28th February Buying Process Map Buying stage Not in the market Stimulated Problem definition
Preferred action
Implement- ation
Major buyer actions
TwinScope to observe market trends
Tracking the activity of the competitors
Targeted market
Occurrence of events
Studying the problem in the market
Consequences of problems noted
Is it worth solving
Identify and involve parties
Research on possible actions
Explore options
Narrow down options
Refine firms
Conduct evaluation of listed options
Secure parties options
Submit final proposal for approval
Implement the solution
Achieve expected benefits
TwinScope is strongly positioned in the market based on the various quality and competitive products it produces such TwinScope viewer and Stereograph savant among others. Their major customers are surrounding museums. The firm target market includes cultural institutions, photo historians, independent curators and photographers. Currently there is no paid advertising but the firm is using word of mouth to make their services be known by the potential customers. As a way of increasing its sales and create a positive relationship with its customers, TwinScope adopts the technique of educating its potential customers on the usage of its products, it also donates some of its products such as Stereographs. In this way, it creates strong product awareness on the members of the public as well as positive image for the visually impaired.
As part of its promotion, TwinScope promotes fine photography in the stereograph format with curated collections and featured artists; however the firm does not use signage currently. Part of TwinScope marketing plan includes creating strong communication and linkage between cultural institutions and museums (Kotler and Keller 26). In this way, it will get an opportunity to sell the 3D photography to the public. The firm undertakes market research on various types of segments club members and museums. Additionally, it does research on artists who shoot stereos. Currently, TwinScope does not have a direct competitors but is has indirect competitors such as 3D Concepts, Cyclopidal 3D and 3D among others. TwinScope has noted that smaller museums are easier to get into. For museums, they have to speak to various people including curators. The firm does not apply any form of customers screening. As a form of marketing process, the firm makes public presentations and workshops on how to make stereographs. Once the customer sees a products, he is engaged with its while the sales people inform the customers on the benefit of the product. Afterwards, the sale is closed and the customer purchases the product.
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