Designing Goods And Services – Coursework Example

Topic: DESIGNING GOODS AND SERVICES Examine some of the steps that are involved in designing goods and services.Designing goods and services involve both defining and redefining the product or a service. The first step may involve generating the idea on how the product/service could be designed. In this step SWOT analysis may be used to carry out both internal and external analysis. The second step involves idea screening, this may help to identify and evaluate the most effective product/service design that will be implemented. It further involve taking into consideration the benefits and cost associated with the product/service. The third step involves testing the concept to determine whether the customers require the product or service prior actual design. The fourth step involves business analysis. This involves building a system matrix that may help to monitor the progress and performance. The fifth step entails test marketing whereby the product/service design takes into consideration. The sixth step involves product development, under this plan each department raging from production, distribution, marketing and selling departments are actively involved in executing their roles. The seventh step involves commercialization, under this step the product or service is already in the market and the only thing that is required is monitoring its performance/progress. The eight step entails carrying out product/service post launching. This involves carrying out continuous improvement in order to remain effective and competitive (Brands, paras.1-4).
2. Two changes to specific areas of the process design phase that may lead to improvement in operations.
The two changes that are specific to area of process design phase include product/service verification and product/service validation. Product/service verification involves testing to determine whether the product or serviced meet the required quality standards. On the other hand, product/service validation entails determining whether a product or service meets customer’s needs and wants. It focuses on whether the product or service will be easily acceptable by customers (Sakao, Tomohiko, and Mattias, p.39).
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