Discussion – Coursework Example

Insert Japans gender bending car commercial The Japans gender bending car commercial was released in featuring a long-haired model strutting toward a red car as the camera magnificently follows the young character’s perfect, red bikini. The video then shows a coat being seductively dropped. The video proceeds further to reveal how the character changes sex from a slim female to a masculine male with flat bare chest and the bump in the bikini. The character is undoubtedly a man. The change of sexual identity is the primary reason why the ad is not playing in America. The ad is more likely to indoctrinate many straight men into homosexuality, rather than promote Toyota sales to which it was meant. The end result could have undermined the holiness of family values and the institution at large.
Toyota made it certain that the comments for the ad were disabled as a firm assurance to the public that it had brought to an end any further discussion of the ad by YouTube users. The move could have been triggered partly by initial negative or inappropriate comments left by Internet users and partly by the need to assure the public that it was in charge of the online post and that its main agenda was promote business goals, not irrelevant debates.
The primary ideas and concepts from the class which are evidenced in the ad revolves around the fact that that gender is not always precisely defined, and that if the attractiveness of a male individual is alluringly similar to a female, that only means gender can be physical or psychological or both. As such, a biologically male individual can wear female attire and claim to be female in what can be defined as falling under the category of transgender.