Discussion Question – Coursework Example

Discussion Question Discussion Question The branch of medication relating to eye diseases is de d as Ophthalmology. Eyes are d to be a vitalpart of the central nervous system of body. The eye drops or ophthalmic drops and ointment are prescribed to patients for treating acute eye dieses. In this regard, instilling of eye drop is mandatory for the effective eye treatment. During educating patients about instilling ophthalmic drops, the health care professionals should consider all the important points. Before instilling, the drop to the patient should wash their hands properly for hygiene factor. Patients must check the dropper tip before instilling drop in eye. Another most important thing is that the eye drops and droppers should be kept clean. Patients should hold the dropper with one hand and another hand should pull down lower eyelid. After instilling drop, the patients should close their eyes for 2 to 3 minutes. After instilling, the patient should wipe the excess liquid with tissue and then wash their hands for removing medications (Mason & Stevens, 2010).
During the instilling process of ophthalmic drops and ointment to a child patient, extra care is necessary. During instilling of eye drops to children, parents and caregivers should administrate the treatment process effectively. The parents and caregivers should practice the proper instilling process under proper supervisions. On the other hand, in case of treating a geriatric patient the caregivers should be a health care professional and need to take extra care for the patients. Caregivers should have a comprehensive knowledge relating to the medical history of the patient. However, if the patients earlier having any eye disorder then he/she will be prescribed with other appropriate types of ophthalmic drops (Tatham, Sarodia, Gatrad & Awan, 2013).
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