Discussion Question – Coursework Example

Discussion Question Discussion Question In reality, utopia is non-existent. What we see and experience is a complete contrast, that is, dystopia. Utopia is an imaginary world where everything is perfect (Levitas, 2005). It refers to a world with uniformity in every aspect with no conflict. Utopia represents an ideal society, which cannot exist unless it is in another world. Dystopia, on the contrary, is a corporation characterized by unpleasant experiences. Everything about dystopia is undesirable, as nothing good exist in such a world. Both Utopia and Dystopia cannot occur in today’s world.
Utopia and dystopia exist as intermediaries. The world or the communities exist as a mix of the two but not as distinct extremes. Perfectionism is hard to achieve in the society today. In the world we live in, there are good aspects of the community. There is a time when majority of community members lead healthy lives. Conflict must be absent at any one given time around the world. People often live in peace and experience adequacy in everything they need. Reverse of Utopia is also present today in the world. At any one given time, there must be conflict in one part of the world. Food and other fundamental human needs at times come in small supply. Diseases and other related problems are common. Other issues like oppression of the people and overpopulation derail utopia. Life in the society is an assortment of good and bad things. The mix of bad and good gives the real picture of the world contrast to the two imaginary statuses.

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